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The camper will not let you down in the outdoors. As well as keeping you warm, you can cook your meals, and have readily available hot water at all times for hot drinks and doing dishes. With the added feature of the clothes drying rack you will be able to dry your wet clothes.

The Camper is easily transportable with its removable legs, 2 piece flue, side plate, water box and clothes drying rack, they simply store inside the main fire box for compact transportation to any destination.

Being made of aluminium and stainless steel they will not rust giving you years of trouble free enjoyment. You won’t have any Maintence issues and it will last, even when left outside. We have an original alloy burner box that is around 40 years old, still lives outside and shows no sign of deterioration.

This unit is great for camping at the beach, caravanning around the country side, hunting-take it in the helicopter or leave it in the bush. Great for home BBQs-the kids love cooking their sausages, roasting spuds or cooking marshmallows.


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The Camper comes standard with:


  • Main fire box
  • 4 X removable legs
  • 2 piece removable s/s flue
  • 1 X side tray


Accessories for your burner:

    • 75 $
    • 55 $
    • 185 $



Size of burner box.   400mm long, 220mm wide, 200mm high.

Overall erected size.  1150mm high o/a. 450mm wide with side tray, no water box. Foot print  of legs 610mm x 450mm. Height to top of cooking surface 540mm.


Total standard Camper weight – 12.0 kgs.

S/S water box – 2.0 kgs.

Drying rack – 0.5 kgs.

Extra pieces of s/s flue – 0.9 kgs. ea.

Main burner box and side table:

304 stainless steel.

Water box, drying rack and Flue:

304 stainless steel. 



Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Bakewell Burner Camper

  1. Ashley Moore

    Excellent little camp stove. I brought this stove for a mixture of hunting trips and camping i have taken it trout fishing to cook on and heat water for showering. It is also great to sit around when it starts cooling down at night. Works a treat for entertaining the kids or cooking marshmallows on at home.
    Nice pack down size. Quality item built really well . Thanks Wayne

  2. Glyn

    Bakewell Burner outstanding must have

    As a retired hunter and tramper but ageing camper, fisher, and outdoors bloke I have long been on the lookout for a small firebox I could lift out of the car and use quickly and easily. The warmth and ambiance so often found in tramping huts in my earlier year was what I was after. A page three advertisement in March 2017 issue of The Fishing Paper & hunting News caught my eye, so I took the plunge and purchased a Bakewell Burner, based on the blurb that accompanied a couple of photos.
    A prompt response from Wayne Bakewell of Alloy Industries in Tauranga and within a few days I had the Bakewell Burner high on a hill in Golden Bay, in a bush clearing looking out at Farewell Spit and the flashing light at Cape Farewell. My companions for a beautiful evening comprised, ‘Kiwi’ Kimmy, ‘Bushman’ Anaru from Anaura Bay and ‘Woofer’ Samuel from Sweden.
    The burner fits snugly into a cardboard box, smaller than a chilly bin, is easy to carry by one person, and weighs 12kgs. The best things about it are, all the attachments pack neatly inside the firebox and all components are either stainless steel or aluminium alloy.
    The team easily slid it out of the box and within one minute had it fully assembled – no complex written instructions required, everything so easy. Another minute later a single match was struck and the expertly set fire soon saw the chimney puffing, or should I say pouring forth as the fire showed it had a perfect ‘draw’ of air.
    With the side mounted water tank filled, we noted the water quickly warmed up, along with the cooktop and warm top. The smoke soon became clear, the glowing started and the cooking began – a large iron pan full of lamb chops, sausages, onions and tomatoes. In a pot alongside, a mass of petite Agria potatoes, fresh from Anaru’s garden, were soon bubbling.
    During the cooking we discovered the front door was great for controlling the draw; when closed, enough air was drawn in around the edges to keep the fire going steadily and opening it slightly was like turning up the temperature. In record time the s
    5ix litre water tank was boiling, so we had to open the filler cap a little to release steam and pressure. In future we won’t fill the tank quite so full, as we found as bubbles splashed up, the liquid caused the Agria to start sliding off the cooktop.
    Lesson two is to make sure it is level before cooking starts. Lesson three was not to grab the legs for straightening once the fire has been lit, as the legs all got very hot. A bonus design feature we all noted was the 5cm spill plate welded across the bottom front edge of the firebox, ensuring no hot ashes or embers spilled out as the door opened.
    The quality of the cooking was superb, so much so ‘Woofer’ Samuel had three helpings with plenty of meat – not a bad effort for someone about to fly to Japan to join a Buddhist monastery! The water boiled throughout the cooking, so it was instant coffee for Samuel and a celebratory beer for everyone else, for the evening was a great cause for celebration.
    With daylight fading over the Kahurangi Mountain peaks, a red sunset backdrop tried to match the glow of the embers and the clean, red flames coming out the chimney. As the last of the red sunset faded away, the Bakewell Burner became the lone glow of the evening – the perfect finale for a perfect day. Everybody agreed the Bakewell Burner scored the perfect 10 out of 10.
    Next morning a happy owner upended the few ashes out and packed it away still looking as if it was brand new. No sign of any heat warps or bulges. No flame leaks around the joins of the two-piece chimney, heaps of cooking space, especially with the side warmer plate which could easily have fried a pan full of eggs or billy of spaghetti – something to try next time. There will be a next time before this review gets published – the DoC camp at Karamea beckons. Well done Wayne, you have a great product – we strongly recommend it as an outstanding must have.

    Poppa Mike
    writer for “The Fishing Paper & Hunting News” paper

  3. Stephen Simpson (verified owner)

    Hi Wayne, just a line to let you know about the burner, II’ve used it almost daily for the last 4mths in te urewera while doing possums, the fire has performed flawlessly in this time, it’s super easy to light is used for all cooking and drying clothes, when it’s really cold just open the door and the heat comes out like a blast furnace. The burner looks almost as good as new just a bit paler, I would thoroughly recommend the Bakewell Burner to anyone wanting a quality bit of kit that gives no trouble and is great to use Thanks Wayne for a great product. Steve

  4. Chris

    Having seen one of these in action at the Sika show I was impressed enough to purchase one, and we have tried it out in the Kaimanawas on a few trips this year. It all packs down into a bag and is light enough to go in the chopper with us. The fire is well designed and draws well, easy to light and impressive in action as a rocket of flame comes out the chimney under full draw.
    We have cooked dinner on it and the water tank on the side is useful as as you get some hot water at the same time for doing the dishes etc.
    I carry a silky saw and find one dead bit of manuka will be enough for an evening so its economical on the fuel as well.
    A well designed product that is a very useful in the bush.

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