Outdoor Fireplace FAQs

FAQs for the Bakewell Burner Outdoor Fireplace

How does the aluminium handle the heat?

Our fireplaces are built using top marine grade 6mm alloy plate which has no concerns with the heat generated.

How hot does the outer shell of the fireplace get?

Because we use a fire wool wrapped around the outside of the fire bricks we are able to reduce the heat from transferring to the outside shell. The lower area of the fireplace will warm up slightly but is safe to touch. The higher areas that are out of reach for small children get hotter, due to the fact that heat rises. (No hotter than a modern indoor house fireplace).

Does the fireplace generate good heating?

Due to the fact we use genuine firebricks, a steel rear heat deflecting plate and wrap the outside of the fire bricks with fire wool the fire pushes out excellent heat.

Will the aluminium fireplace corrode?

Because the aluminium we use is the same as used for building a quality aluminium boat, it will handle coastal environments. Fresh rain water is good for keeping the aluminium clean. They do not corrode.

Is the fire easy to light?

Very easy, dry firewood is always best.

What type of cooking can be done on the outdoor fireplace?

The fireplace can come with our custom designed cast iron hot plate and swing arm. This will allow you to fry on. You can also add the roasting dish and wire rack for roasting meats, as well as a pizza brick for cooking pizzas on.

How easy is the fireplace to move when fitted with wheels?

When on a smooth concrete surface it is easily manoeuvred by an adult.

What Maintence is required?

Due to the quality materials used, no real Maintence is required. Just watch out for bird droppings, remove immediately as they can stain.

What delivery time can we expect?

We endeavor to get it out in 2 weeks but due to large orders this may vary. Please Contact Us to confirm.

What sort of warranty do we get?

There is a 5 year warranty on workmanship. There is no reason for any concerns with the product breaking down or deteriorating. We have a small burner that has been in use for around 40 years with no signs of fatigue or failure.

We do not give the paint a warranty due to the manufacturers not giving us a warranty.

What is standard with a Bakewell Burner outdoor fireplace and what accessories are available?

A standard fireplace comes with:

The main fireplace with the wood box attached,

39 genuine fire bricks,

1200mm long s/s flue and s/s china man’s hat,

Fire wool and heat deflecting plate.

4 x swiveling wheels (2 lockable).

Heat resistant paint.


Extras available are:

Cast iron hot plate, swivel arm and handle.

Roasting dish with wire rack.

600mm long flue extension.

Side tables.

Fire door

Rotisserie set up

What can I burn in my Outdoor Fireplace?

We recommend using only soft woods (eg. Macrocarpa, Pine etc.) and charcoal in the fireplace.