Camper FAQs

FAQs for the Bakewell Burner Camper

How hot does the outer shell of the deluxe base camper get?

Very hot, great for cooking on and keeping warm.

Does the fireplace generate good heating?

Your Camper will keep you very warm even in the coldest of places.

Will the stainless steel deluxe base camper corrode?
Is the fire easy to light?

Very easy, dry firewood is always best.

What type of cooking can be done on the Deluxe Base Camper?

The Deluxe Base Camper will allow you to cook with pots, pans, frying pans and camp ovens. You can also cook spuds wrapped in tin foil and marshmallows inside. And you can have your hot water available all the time in the attached water box.

What Maintence is required?

Due to the quality materials used, no real Maintence is required.

Is it easy to put together and dismantle?

Very easy and quick. Just be careful when dismantling to make sure it’s not too hot to handle.

How quick does it take for the water to boil in the water box?

With the tank full and a good fire already going, it will take approximately 7min. When heating from starting a fire it will take approximately 15min, depending on the wood used and you fire starting skills.

What delivery time can we expect?

Approximately 1 week from confirmation of order. Due to large orders this can vary. Please Contact Us to confirm.

What sort of warranty do we get?

There is a 2 year warranty on workmanship. There is no reason for any concerns with the product breaking down or deteriating. We have a small burner that has been in use for around 40 years with no signs of fatigue or failure.

What is standard with a Bakewell Burner Base Camper and what accessories are available?

A standard Deluxe Base Camper comes with:

Main fire box.

4 x removable legs.

3 piece removable s/s flue.

1 x side tray.


S/s flue extensions.

Clothes drying rack.

5ltr s/s water box with tap.

Leg extensions

Extra side trays

Spark arrestor